FINDING UTAH is a community generated and supported local resource page.

We specialize in local community services, homes, and guides.

Our mission and purpose is to provide information for those within and without our local Utah communities in order for us all to FIND.

“FindingU” – Life is what we make of it. Our mission is to present more of what Utah has to offer and hopefully give you more time in doing that through our approved services.

You live in Utah for 3 reasons (usually). For the culture, the mountains, or your family is holding you hostage ? Too often we take life for granted. Our goal is to assist you in embracing the culture, experiencing your surroundings, and spending more time with family (optional). “FindingU” is about finding yourself by finding others.

Featured Services & Partners: First we seek those in your community doing work and business the right way. Then, we seek to partner with them to help reward them for their good business practices. These are the “unknown” companies referred by friends to friends (FB, word-of-mouth, etc.). These are usually not at the top of Angie’s List or KSL with 100 questionable 5 star reviews. We verify that they’re doing good work every step of the way. We have high standards, and seek the same.

Feature Homes:

Featured Guides: Our favorite question is, “What’s there to do in __________ ?”