Things to Build Next Snow Storm GUIDE

By now you’ve probably accepted the fact that it’s winter…or not.

…If you have decided to embrace Utah’s winter weather,

…If you aren’t a skier/snowboarder (or want something else fun to do),

…If you need to keep the kids busy for hours in the backyard while you take a hot bath,

Then these ideas may be helpful:


The Igloo

Richard Pope , Jeremy Keith

Using buckets and containers being neglected in your garage or storage, fill and pack with snow, stack in brick form, lightly spray with water to harden, pack any cracks or gaps with snow, fill with friends.

The Quinzee

A quinzee, is pretty much a mound of snow hollowed out for shelter. We’ve all probably discovered this as kids, now we know what it’s called!

Neighborhoods where the snow plows push the snow to the end of the street are the ultimate quinzee goldmine.

The Fort

Using your brick building skills learned in building an igloo, you can now build a sweet fort for your eventual snowball fight. Your forts can vary in size 😉 Some of the coolest ones are built on top of your backyard playset or at your city’s playgrounds (don’t expect them to last long with kids though).

The Hungry Snowman

Take your snowman skills to the next level. Make sure your mailman feeds him daily.

The Ice Cave/Castle

Advanced adult fort building fun with big boy toys. Ice Palace or Ice Cave

Snow Canvas Painting

After a big storm, there’s always a plethora of snow banks. These are usually large and dirty. Using just water and food coloring, allow your kids to express and develop their creative side and transform your neighborhood into a colorful place to live…avoid squirting the houses of course.

Minions vs. Hellions

Take your pick, these will keep your kids busy for hours…yes it could get a little creepy.

The Backyard Ice Rink

Using 2×4’s, plywood, tarps, clamps, you can build this ice sheet for the kids to enjoy. Make sure it’s removed when things start to melt as you don’t want to ruin the grass for spring.

The Ice Slide or Backyard Luge

The Ice Slide: use a plastic play-set slide as an ice mold, then place it atop a snow hill.

The Backyard Luge: (works for houses on hills) build a tubing course.

The Snow-Buddy

Every father needs a buddy to take to work with him. This can be a great present from the kids.

Car Pranks

Want something to do on your lunch break at the office? Perfect for sharing afterward at the water cooler.


Another easy way to keep the kids busy for hours. They may need a little help getting in or getting out…or not 😉

Snow Angel Photo Shoot

Are you one of those people that loves to put your newborn in weird places and post them online? This may be just the thing for you!

Sidewalk Decorations

This may be more of a family activity since it involves water balloons and food coloring. Some people use kool-aide but that seems like such a waste.

Bonus: The Year-Round Igloo

Are you one of the rare people that misses winter? This would be a cool activity to build in the garage or backyard with the kids.

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