Skydiving Utah in 360

Working on FindingUtah, has ironically been the opposite of “finding Utah” lately as I’ve been consumed with the details and distractions that come with building a new brand. After days of frying my eyes off “computering”, I needed a break!

The whole point of FindingUtah is to help those who have forgotten what Utah has to offer and need a little reminding…or those who are new to the area. I definitely required a reminder.

So I decided to do one of the most extreme things I could think of and check it off my list.

Skydive Utah was the only company that was willing to accommodate my special request (using my 360 camera)……after persistent calls and emails. It ran me $200 and another $100 for a camera(wo)man diver. They’re based in Tooele, which could be either a pro or con depending on the view you prefer: City skylines or rolling hills and farmland.

After the warning/disclaimer video, informing you of the risks associated. Of course, if there’s gross negligence by anyone assisting in the process then they will not be held responsible. I believe that this defines potentially signing your life away…but hey, it’s falling out of the sky after all. Once you get over this little disturbance, you’re ready to go!

Check out my dive!

Every company had similar rates, $175-200. Depending on the day and time of year. As my brother found out, there may be additional charges (he’s 6’6, 250lbs.).

Make sure you contact them beforehand with a full list of all your group’s details and figure out what the final price will be.

Here’s a list of your Utah skydiving businesses and their rates:

Skydive Utah (Tooele)


Photos – $59

Video/Photos – $99

Skydive the Wasatch (Nephi)


Photos or Video – $60

Video/Photos – $89

Ogden Skydiving Center


Photos/Video – $90-135


Salt Lake City Skydiving

*Info n/a (kiosk at Gateway)

“Adventure” Brokerage

Skydive Moab


Photos or Video – $50/60

Photos/Video – $80

Skydive Zion (Hurricane)


Video $40



Too wet or too cold? Try indoor “skydiving”

Here are a couple vertical indoor wind tunnels:

Outdoor Indoor Skydiving (Lindon)

Single Flight – $55

Double – $90

*2 minute flights / briefing / equipment

iFLY (Ogden)

Single Flight – $55

Double – $99

*2 minute flights / briefing / equipment

I think it’s a great concept, however I feel like it hardly compares. That being said, it can still be a fun family activity or date night activity.


Most likely you’ve never been or haven’t been in a while. Fall seems to be a good time to go as the jumping season comes to a close and $10-20 discounts are given. I was a little surprised how little they prepped me before jumping, but realized afterward that it didn’t quite matter since they’re in 99% control. Just make sure you smile and breathe through your teeth, I found it difficult to breathe initially combined with the adrenaline pumping. The harness really dug into the nether regions, although I guess there’s not much I could’ve done to prevent that. Additional details may apply:

*Student/Military Discounts  *Group Discounts *May charge $2 per pound over 200lbs *Average $25 cancellation fee *Potential 3% card charge

Make sure you check for available Groupons first.




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